Porky's Groove Machine is an environmentally sustainable nerd funk outfit from Planet Funk, Wisconsin, and Minneapolis. As Hot Dog Trombone for the band's eight years and the resident design nerd, I've been responsible for fulfilling our many and varied visual identity needs. 
My favorite projects have been conceiving, directing, producing, and editing our music videos. While our first videos were shot on iPhones, we've gradually developed grander concepts and achieved higher levels of production with each new video. Click the thumbnails below to watch!
Porky's shows are a multi-sensory experience including but not limited to, coordinated dance moves, singalongs, informational powerpoint presentations, condom giveaways, stand-up comedy, and more! To show this off, our posters are designed to attract fans, new and old, to attend this electric event.
For our many fans who, for some reason, have decided Porky's is important to them, I've designed a long lineage of merch options. Our Make America Funk Again shirt was a special hit as the band put in its bid for the 2016 presidential race, outlining our platform with our EP of the same name. Below we are pictured on tour seeking an endorsement from Congressman Reid Ribble, pictured here beaming in one of our shirts.